As a PhD student you regularly have to write scientific articles. However, writing a scientific article is not that easy. Below we provide you several tips.

The subjectTips

Of course you already have a subject; the case you are researching. Usually it is part of a larger study. When writing your article, make sure that your piece is central.

Structure of the scientific article

How to build up your article depends partly on your field. Philosophers often opt for literature research, while physicists often opt for experiments. If you want to see how a scientific article has been built up. Then read Writing a scientific article – guidelines and tips.

Language selection

The language in which you write your article depends on the scientific journal you have in mind. In the Netherlands, many scientific magazines have Dutch as their language of instruction. Of course you can also opt for a foreign trade journal. Realize, however, that you must be able to write your article in error-free English. If you want to write one or more English scientific articles, make sure you have a good knowledge of the language. Has a part of your English knowledge slipped away? Then it is advisable to follow a refresh course, or to have your work checked (paid) by a native speaker.

Academic writing? Tips and points to take into account

Whether you write in Dutch or English, there are a few points that you should take into account when writing scientific articles:

  • Keep your target group in mind and adjust your writing style accordingly
  • Treat only one topic per paragraph
  • Use specific words instead of vague descriptions. So not: “the director spoke about various advantages of the various program points”, but rather: “the director praised the new program points”.
  • Avoid open doors.
  • Delete meaningless words: some writers use words that seem to say a lot, but essentially add nothing. Avoid words like: a kind of, actually, essentially, absolutely, especially, etc.

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