Defending your dissertation is the last step towards an academic title and for many also the toughest step. Some people are afraid of speaking in public and start rattling. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared. Do you have trouble speaking in public? Here are some tips to make your defense run flawlessly.

1. Speak clearly and understandably

When you defend your research, not only academics, but also family and friends listen. Make sure you do not use too much jargon. If you do, immediately make clear what a technical term means.

2. Use metaphors

Metaphors can make your story clear in one go. Suppose you want to show that a certain professional group is looking for a solution that they already have in-house. Then you can give the example of the scattered professor looking for his glasses, while he actually has him on his head. You can also choose image material. This is usually more powerful.

3. Develop your own presentation style

Everyone has their own way of presenting. Make sure your style fits with how you are. If you normally talk quietly with few gestures, do not suddenly use forced gestures. You can attend special presentation trainings where you learn to develop your own presentation style.

4. Record a video

A video recording can be confrontational, but is extremely effective. By looking back at yourself, you immediately discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. Write down what you want to change and practice until you have achieved the result you are satisfied with.

5. Anxiety for speaking in public? Here are some tips!

Practice is making perfect. This is also applicable to people that have speaking anxiety or when you are afraid of stages. By practicing a lot, speaking in public becomes easier. Ask your friends, family or your paranymphs if they want to hear your defense and want to give feedback where necessary. Many people organize a trial promotion with colleagues anyway; make use of it! Despite a lot of practice, you can still be nervous for your defense. What helps against nerves? You can do breathing exercises beforehand. In this way you ensure that you remain calm.

Here are some tips for a presentation. Always remember that:

  • Everyone finds it exciting to speak for a large audience;
  • You are the expert who knows everything about the research;
  • You are not the most important, but your research is. You may feel that everyone is watching your shaking hands, most people are paying attention to what you are telling. As soon as you place your focus on your story, you let go of your self-awareness and with it your fear of speaking.

If your dissertation looks good, it will shine on you. With the info book from Gildeprint you know exactly how to prepare your dissertation professionally.

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