Designing the front of your thesis is actually nothing more than making a book cover. You’ve been busy with a lot of things in the past couple of years, but probably not with designs.
This article gives you tips and ideas for the front of your thesis. This way you make a good first impression with your dissertation book.


Some universities have several requirements for your dissertation: cover, title page and register must contain certain information. However, this does not apply to every university or company and in this case you can at least decide for yourself how the design of your book should be. Usually only the title, subtitle and name of the author are printed on the front. You can also choose for a short introduction on the back of the book and possibly incorporate logos of your university or company into the design.

Cover thesis design

The cover design is the first thing people see of your thesis. The cover of your dissertation implicitly tells the reader what the book is about, without directly naming the subject. The front of your thesis sets the tone for reading.

Many PhD students often have a photo or other image in their head that fits well with their PhD topic. You can choose to place a photo or an abstract image on the cover of your thesis.

Cover with photo

Choose a good photo in a high resolution as a base. It is usually nice if you can find a visual metaphor for your research. Consider, for example, a photograph of high-voltage cables if you are doing a thesis on the functioning of nerves.

Maybe you already have such a picture. If not, you can take a picture yourself. If you are not a good photographer or simply do not have the right equipment, you can ask a photographer or browse through photo websites like Flickr. If you find a suitable photo there, you can contact the maker and ask if you can use his or her photo.

Abstract folder

If you do not find a suitable photo, you can also choose something abstract. Scientific research often has an abstract character, so it is not strange to give the cover of your thesis an abstract form. You can gain inspiration from the most important charts or figures in your work. By zooming in or zooming out, you can make an interesting cut that fits the cover of your dissertation.

Developing a thesis cover

Do you know how to use design tools like Photoshop or Illustrator? Then you can make the cover yourself. If you can not use these graphical programs? Then you can always ask a friend, relative or acquaintance if he wants to make your title page. If you do not know a designer directly, you can place the assignment on Design for Money. There is usually a designer who wants to design your front. Usually your assignment is picked up quickly for a small fee and you can choose from multiple designs as well.
Keep in mind that a good design falls or stands in a good briefing. So describe well what you want and upload images that you have already selected for inspiration.

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