The editors of academic journals place high demands on a publication and the follow-up of their advice can take a lot of time …2
But if you handle the guidelines that peer reviewers use smartly, this can be done differently. With the tips in this article you will get your article published faster!

Shorten the peer review round with a good basis

Most articles are not published immediately. Before an article is qualified for publishing, peer reviewers must assess the scientific article. A peer review (meaning: review of an article by experienced colleagues) can take months. You can skip superfluous peer review rounds by having basic things figured out(for example, building a scientific article, correct quotation style, correct font and line spacing, etc). By following these guidelines, you have at least won the first battle. Information about the different citation styles can be found on: Tips for drawing up a reference list: Apa, Chicago or Harvard style.

Once you have received your item back, process the notes in a second version and send them back to the trade journal. Perhaps the editors want to publish your article this time.

Make sure another research group reads your article

Every writer suffers from writer’s blindness. Forgotten points, commas and even entire phrases are sometimes overlooked. So, let someone else read the article. Preferably someone from another research group. A member of your own research group can be blinded by his own knowledge. As a result, you have the risk that important aspects of the research that are evident to you and your group members are not sufficiently explained.

Provide a good cover letter

When writing your cover letter, keep in mind the following points:

1. Provide correct and complete contact details
2. Write down the number of words in your article
3. Emphasize that your article is written in accordance with the guidelines of the magazine
4. Do not promote your article. This is not professional.
5. Keep your letter short and concise.

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