Writing your PhD is an investment. During your research you have to do deal with a relatively low salary, while you make quite a lot of costs. In order to complete your dissertatiGeldon, you will have to spend money. Consider, for example, the printing costs of your dissertation and the reception after the promotional ceremony. Fortunately, study costs are deductible from the tax and you can find a sponsor for the printing costs of your thesis. In this article you will find some practical tips to reduce the costs of your thesis process.

Searching for sponsorships

The printing costs of your dissertation are often very high. It is therefore nice if a company or organization wants to be your sponsor. You approach a potential sponsor with a sponsor letter. An example of a good potential sponsor is, for example, an energy company that invests in green energy generation. If your dissertation is about sustainable energy, it is interesting for the company to link its name to it.

Looking for sponsors can be tricky. If you are not sure where to start looking for sponsors, you can order the fund book from the Association of Funds or view it free of charge at your university. The association has collected all fund projects in the book, of which there are undoubtedly some links to your thesis. If you start writing the sponsorship letter, think carefully about the relevance of your research for the company or organization. You could also look for scholarships or subsidies for your thesis on the Nuffic website.

Tax: study costs and deductions

You can deduct a large part of the study costs you make during your promotion from the tax. Study costs deduct are:

The costs for preparing and printing your thesis. Note: you may only deduct the amount for the minimum number of copies requested by the university. Because the costs for printing copies in the case of offset printing are low (more information), you can specify the largest part of the printing costs.

  • Costs for ISBN registration, literature and telephone.
  • Shipping and packaging costs for your thesis.
  • Costs for the promotion committee.
  • All costs directly related to the promotion ceremony. Think of the travel costs, rent of the room and costs of occasional clothing (for you and your paranymphs).
  • The reception after the promotion.

There are some requirements to deduct these expenses. For example, they must have been done by you or your tax partner. In addition, the total amount you want to deduct must be higher than € 250 (since 2012). If you already received compensation for these expenses – for example from a stock exchange or a fund – that amount must be deducted from your total expenses before you deduct it from the tax authorities.

Deduction of study costs that are not accepted are:

  • Your own apartment/room
  • Cost of your promotion dinner or party.
  • Photos
  • Costs for travel and lodging

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