The completion of your promotion is a busy period. There are many things that need to be arranged. No wonder many PhD students get stressed. With this checklist you can be sure that you have arranged the most important matters properly.

1. Send your thesis to the reading committee

To ensure that there are no errors or gaps in your dissertation, send your document to the chosen reading committee. After receiving back the dissertation (if necessary), make changes.

2. Select a printing company

Choose a print shop for your thesis. Determine your budget in advance and then think about how you want your thesis printed. Do you want a hard or soft cover? Are you going for a Sewn book or do you opt for a PUR-glued book?  Gildeprint offers various possibilities. Look for more information on the site.

3. Application ISBN: this is how it works

A dissertation also needs an ISBN. This is done via Office ISBN. As a registered printer, Gildeprint can arrange an ISBN for your thesis within one day. In this way you save time and money.

4. Choose your paranymphs

For your defense, you can choose two paranymphs who will assist you. These can be fellow students or friends. You can read more about paragliding on Theses, thesis, defense and paranymphs: etiquette and traditions during the promotion ceremony.

5. Arrange reception

What is going to be the location for your reception? Are you going to hire a room specifically? Consider in advance how much money you want to make available for this. Do not forget to take care of the catering!

What to do against nerves during a stressful period

Do you feel that your time is short? You can also outsource some of the above points. This way you have more time left and you can work towards your defense without stress. Do you still suffer from stress? In that case, there are different ways. Think, for example, of relaxation exercises in stress. Do you have a few days for your defense? Then take a break. A day off does wonders!

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