Writing your acknowledgements is usually not obligatory, but is usually one of the most read pages from your thesis. Just think about it, when people see a dissertation at first they always check the acknowledgements for familiar names. Some review the acknowledgments just because they expect to be mentioned themselves. What if you forget them? Although the acknowledgement page is the only page that is not written in scientific language, its sensitivity makes it difficult to write. In this article we will provide tips that help you writing the acknowledgements.

How to write the acknowledgements?

Dissertation or not, final reports usually contain acknowledgements. People who are often mentioned are supervisors, teachers, colleagues, fellow students and PhD candidates, respondents, family and friends. In addition, people who are less obvious are also mentioned, such as a friendly administrative assistant, a helpful printer or the writer of the thesis that you have used as an example.

A word of thanks if you do not want to thank

But what do you do if you are not satisfied with the contribution of one of your promotors?
It is an art to mention everyone, but only to thank where gratitude is needed. After all, it is your word of thanks. An example of this is a co-supervisor who did not share the knowledge you needed at the beginning of your PhD. Towards the end of your research, he will kick the brakes because he thinks that that knowledge is still lacking. Very annoying, but leaving him out of your acceptance speech is not an option. You never know when you will be dealing with that person again.

Thanking someone in such a case because he managed to raise the dissertation to a higher level while you thought you were already done. That is a positive approach and you do not thank the person for something that you do not owe him any gratitude for.

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