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Below we proudly present examples of theses we have made.

The burden of early axial spondyloarthritisSystemic lupus Erythematosus: Pathophysiological and Clinical AspectsMelissa Kool - Quality of life in breast cancer survivorsBuilding Blocks of Quantum Repeater NetworksLessons learnt about two-year follow-up in hand osteoarthritisDental implant treatment strategies for failing and missing teeth in the maxillary aesthetic regioncarina van boven - maxillary overdentures on dental implantsProefschrift Elise ZuiderveldA novel perspective in total knee arthroplastyDynamic Reciprocity of Cell-MatrixTwinning, a promising dynamic process to strengthen the agency of midwivesProefschrift Grip on CPIPThe Effect of Embedded Liesproefschrift María IbáñezEarly recognition of axial spondyloarthritisProefschrift KosseThe hidden side of citiesThe local and systemic inflammatory responses after burnLarynx and Hypopharynx CancerThe PhD Survival GuideSimplicity is key in CRTJust add positivityproefschrift Marjet Braamskamp

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