Your doctoral title after graduating opens doors in both science and business. Do you want a career in science, where research and theory are central or do you opt for a position in the business world, where you can practically apply your knowledge? In this article you read what you have to take into account.
Available vacancies

The number of available functions within science is limited. Only 20% of all PhD students will get a job at a university, more than 70% will end up in business. The analytical and organizational skills available that PhD students have are particularly useful in management and government positions. For scientific vacancies go to or Provide a solid scientific CV. Besides searching through job sites, it is wise to use your network. You do this especially at conferences and conferences about your field.

Salary scientific researcher

Those who have an academic job will receive a good salary. The average gross monthly salary of an experienced scientist in the Netherlands is 3985 euros. Do you want to know how much you can earn as a business manager or what you can expect as a university lecturer? You can read salary facts on

Corporate culture

Take into account the type of company culture that suits your choice. Working at universities requires a different attitude than working at a family business. Universities are often bound to a tradition of formal regulations, which means that you regularly have to deal with bureaucratic practices. Commercial companies adapt their guidelines sooner if the situation requires it. There is less bureaucracy.

When you enter the labor market, your dissertation is your last achievement. Make sure it looks great, so that you can impress people with it. Gildeprint is specialized in printing PhD’s and can help you to prepare your dissertation professionally.

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